Press Release: AZGOHS 207 Award

In November of 2020, Arizona voted to pass Proposition 207, also referred to as the Smart and Safe Act. Under the provisions of this law, marijuana is subject to state and local taxes. The Smart and Safe Act also imposes a 16% excise tax on cannabis. A portion of the revenue from these tax dollars is allotted to several of Arizona’s Government Agencies, to include the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, for the purpose of enforcing Arizona’s cannabis regulations.

The Safford Police Department was recently given the opportunity to submit a grant proposal for Prop 207 funding by the AZGOHS. This fund, established by A.R.S. 36-2817, allows Law Enforcement agencies to request monies for assistance in reducing impaired driving through dedicated traffic enforcement. The Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety awarded the Safford Police Department $72,191.00 for the purchase of 1 Police SUV, 1 Multi-directional In-Car Radar and $10,000.00 for Officer Overtime.

“Officers with the Safford Police Department are dedicated to making sure our streets and highways are safe, not only for our citizens, but for all those who travel through our city. Our motorist, pedestrians and cyclist can be assured, it is a goal of our department to target those who choose to drive while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. We have zero tolerance for impaired and aggressive drivers who have no concern for the safety of others” says Safford Police Chief, Glen Orr.

Chief Orr extends his appreciation to Alberto Gutier, Director of the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety stating “Director Gutier has been very supportive of our agency over the years. This support has made it possible to place additional officers on our streets and provide them reliable equipment to effectively carry out their duties. Our Department values the ongoing relationship we share with Director Gutier and his Office.”

Chief’s MessageOrr, Glen

The Safford Police Department has a long and proud tradition of service to the residents, businesses and visitors of Safford.  The officers who make up the Police Department are dedicated to their profession and hold themselves to the highest ethical standards.  We have earned the trust and support of our community and city leaders.  We do not take that trust and support for granted and understand that it must be earned and renewed daily.

We recruit the very best and brightest available.  The Safford Police Department is richly diverse, which we believe helps to build partnerships, relationships and trust with our community in the true spirit of Community Policing.

The framework in which we strive to accomplish our goals is based on being proactive, professional, proud, passionate and working in partnership with the community.  Proactive means that we don’t wait for crime to occur;  we look to prevent crime before it happens with every tool available to us.  The men and women of our organization maintain a level of professionalism worthy of the trust bestowed upon us.  We are a very proud organization and that pride extends to the city we serve and the members of all departments within the city.  I believe that our profession is a calling, and that calling does not exist without a true passion for the oath we take.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to be a member of the Safford Police Department. I would like to thank all the past and present members of this Department whose dedication, ability and diligence has formed the reputation that our Department enjoys today.  We will build upon what we have been given and commit to the values and culture of this great organization.  Our chosen profession can be difficult and challenging but I firmly believe that nobody does it better than the members of the Safford Police Department.

Glen Orr, Chief of Police

Mission Statement

The Safford Police Department's mission is to serve the public by furthering a partnership with the community to protect life and property, prevent crimes, and solve problems.  We are dedicated to improving the quality of life by earning the mutual trust and respect of the community through our professionalism and commitment to excellence.  Our vision is to become a leader among agencies providing police services by placing a high priority on community involvement, education, customer service and respect for individual rights.

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