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The Safford Regional Airport is the only paved airport in Graham County and boasts a full-service FBO, aircraft paint shop, BLM air-attack fire base, and three air medevac operators.  The airport sits on 630 acres north-east of the City of Safford.

The city does currently have land available for lease to aviation and non-aviation businesses as well as individuals that wish to construct aircraft hangars.  Please see the Rate and Fee Schedule for appropriate ground lease rates.

Airport Businesses

Jetcrafter's Aviation provides aircraft painting and refurbishment. 

AirEvac provides rotor-wing medevac services to the Gila Valley.

Guardian Flight provides fixed wing medevac services to the Gila Valley.

Arizona Sport Planes provides Van's RV experimental aircraft builder assistance and flight instruction.  

Ponderosa Aviation serves as the airport's FBO and also provides aircraft maintenance, flight instruction, avionics repair, fixed-wing medevac, and aircraft charter services.

Bureau of Land Management (BLM) operates a Single Engine Air Tanker (SEAT) base at the airport to combat wildfires in the area.


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FAA Identifier:  SAD

Lat/Long:             N 32.51.20 / W 109.38.10

Elevation:            3177 ft. / 968.3 m (surveyed)

Variation:            12E (1985)

Distance from Safford: 6 miles north-east

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