The Safford Police Department Policy and Procedure General Order Chapter 82, Central Records, City of Safford Municipal Code 2.24.010, City Clerk duties and responsibilities and Arizona Revised Statutes Title 39, Public Records, Printing and Notices pertain to the handling, release and availability of public records requests for commercial and non-commercial purposes. In accordance with these requirements, the City of Safford Clerk's Office will handle all public records requests as well as CD and DVD requests.  The City Clerk's Office is located at 717 W. Main Street, Safford, Arizona 85546. 

The  City of Safford Clerk's Office Records Request.

Police Department Records Office Information

Location/Hours of Operation: Located at 523 S. 10th Avenue, Safford, Arizona 85546. Hours of operation are 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Thursday. Please note that we are closed Friday, Saturday, Sunday and on all City of Safford observed holidays. For more information, please call Records at (928) 432-4104.