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First Things First Chief Executive Officer, Rhian Evans Allvin, and members of the First Things First staff visit Safford to present this year’s allocation of funding to the Graham – Greenlee Regional Council. The funding of $764,390 is used by the Graham-Greenlee Regional Council to fund the following programs in our counties serving children ages birth to 5: Early Literacy programs like Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library Book Club, recruitment of professionals like a pediatrician and therapists to our communities, scholarships to child care providers, scholarships to low income families to assist in attending preschools and child care centers, oral health care, assistance to the local food bank, home visitation to families focusing on parenting skills, and physical/social development of children and much more.

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The Safford Library receives two grants from First things First. One grant enables the library to provide early literacy training for parents and children (birth to 5), like story times (3 weekly), Open Play Time (1 weekly), preschool story time at local preschools (9 weekly), Dinosaur Day (annually) and many parent or caregiver workshops. The second grant funds the Imagination Library Book Club through which children ages birth to five receive a free, age-appropriate book in the mail each month.

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