Customer Service Frequently Asked Questions

                                                CUSTOMER SERVICE FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Q- What can I do to lower my utility bill?

A- The only way to lower a bill is to take control of your usage. To do this, the first thing you must do is become familiar with how much, where and when is your consumption. 

Aquahawk is a great tool that utilizes smart meter technology to help you with this task.

Q-.Why do I need the last four of Social or Account number to pay the bill?

A-The City has implemented procedures to help prevent identity theft. One of the main points is that no personal or account information including balance due will be given out, either in person or over the phone without either the account number or last four of the account holders social. This not only protects our citizens from having their identity stolen, but it also mitigate financial loses to the city from unauthorized charges due to identity theft.

Q-When can I expect to receive my deposit refund?

A-Normally deposits are applied to the accounts final bill when it gets closed out. However, A residential account holder may request that their deposit be applied to the current bill if they have held their account in good standing for a minimum of a year.  Commercial accounts can only be applied when the account is closed. This is one of the areas of City code that is currently under review.

Q-Who and How are deposits determined?

A-Residential deposits are required based on the customers credit rating and Commercial deposits are always required. On residential accounts the customer will receive either a Green, yellow, or Red credit rating. A green rating requires zero deposits. A yellow rating requires 1 times the highest bill for that address during the previous twelve months and a red rating is 2 times. All commercial accounts are based on 1.5 times the highest bill for that address during the previous 12 months.

Q-Why do I have to set up new utilities for my new address? Why can't I just Transfer everything from my old one to my new one?

A-Our account numbers are ties to the addresses and meters, not the customer. In order to ensure the customer information is correct, we have to input new information for every new account number at each address. As well as needing a current signature for each new service agreement. Even if the customer has been with us for many years.

Q-When are the bills due?

A-Per City code utility bills are due and payable on the first day of the month. They can be paid without penalty until the 20th of the month. If the 20th falls on a weekend or holiday then they can be paid on the next business day without penalty.

Q-Whens the last day to pay?

A-City code allows for discontinuing of service if there is a minimum balance due of $35.00 five days after the 20th. However, because of monthly Calendars, this day varies from month to month. the specific day for each month will be printed on all late notices and can also be obtained by calling Citizen Services.

Q-Do you offer Auto pay?

A-Yes, We can automatically debit your monthly balance due from any designated account. Such as checking, savings or Credit card. this can be set-up either in person at city hall or On-line.

Q-When does auto pay come out of my account?

A-Accounts set up to be automatically debited are generally withdrawn on the 15th of each month.

Q-What is the water emergency surcharge?

A-It is a $0.25 charge per every 1,000 gallons that is earmarked to fund litigation efforts over water issues.