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Water Reclamation Services

 Inframark (formally known as Severn Trent Services) has been pleased to provide sewer services to the City of Safford through our management, operation and maintenance of the city's 2MGD water reclamation plant. Our partnership began with the city in September 2007 under an agreement between the city and Inframark that is effective until June 30, 2021. The agreement contains provisions for two five-year renewal options. We have three full time employees. We also operate a state certified lab and run tests for the surrounding community.

Working with the support of Inframark's state, regional and national resources, our on-site staff has brought numerous improvements to the facility that have benefited the city and the people of Safford. In addition to positively impacting the city's wastewater treatment needs, and most importantly - we have worked to become an active part of the Safford community.

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