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Engineering Department
405 West Discovery Park Boulevard
Safford, Arizona 85546
Phone:  (928) 432-4260
Fax:  (928) 348-3150
Hours:  7:00a - 6:00p - Closed on Fridays

City Engineer
Randy Petty, P.E.
(928) 432-4261

Staff Engineer
Lance Henrie, P.E.
(928) 432-4263

Project Management Assistant
Hilary Cuenin
(928) 432-4082

The Engineering Department utilizing both City and Consultant staff, provides engineering, surveying and other technical services to the administration and all other departments and divisions of the City.  The Department implements the Capital Improvement Plan, as authorized and funded by the City Council, by planning and prioritizing needs, collecting information and preparing plans and specifications for the construction of various Public Works projects.  The Engineering Department also manages, supervises and inspects the construction of improvements to the Public Works and Utilities Infrastructure of the City. These projects include the following:

Airport Facilities Electric System Facilities
All City-Owned Buildings          Natural Gas System Facilities
Park Improvements                  Wastewater System Facilities
Street Improvements Water System Facilities
Storm Drainage

The Department also inspects improvements constructed by developers that are intended to be turned over to the City.  As well as managing, maintaining and improving the City of Safford Geographical Information System (GIS).