Public Works Department

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About the Department

The Public Works Department is comprised of four specific Divisions:


  Lance Henrie
Public Works Director/Assistant City Engineer
Kelly Owens, Administrative Assistant


Facility Maintenance Division:
Maintains all city facilities, fixtures, structural repair, remodeling, building and fire code compliance.
Cemetery Division:

Landfill Division:

Sanitation Division:

Street Division:
The Street Division performs maintenance for approximately 41 miles of streets, 80 miles of parkways/right of ways, 30 miles of sidewalks, 20 miles of drainage systems.

Maintenance activities consist of patching, sealing, renewal, repair and overlay of existing roadway surfaces, drainage systems, alleyway, parkway, retention pond maintenance, including weed control, traffic control devices, street sign maintenance, striping, street sweeping, debris removal from roadways, sidewalk maintenance within city limits.

Please contact ADOT at 928-432-4900 for any issues on Hwy 70 or US Hwy 191.

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Department Staff

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