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The Safford Regional Airport is the only paved airport in Graham County and boasts a full-service FBO, aircraft paint shop, BLM air-attack fire base, and three air medevac operators.  The airport sits on 630 acres north-east of the City of Safford.


Airport Details



FAA Identifier:  SAD

Lat/Long:             N 32.51.20 / W 109.38.10

Elevation:            3177 ft. / 968.3 m (surveyed)

Variation:            12E (1985)

Distance from Safford: 6 miles north-east

  1. Airport

    Physical Address
    4570 E Aviation Way
    Safford, AZ 85546

  2. 279844336_330591042453425_6286111610207031151_n

    Cameron Atkins

    Airport Manager
    Phone: 928-432-4235

  3. PondoLogo-1

    Ponderosa Aviation

    Phone: (928) 428-7820

    4500 Aviation Way

    Safford, AZ 85546