Airport Projects

Up to Date Information Regarding Projects Located at the Airport

DBE Policy 49 CFR Part 26

Taxiway A2 Removal & Runway 12/30 Sealing Project

This project will remove Taxiway A2 at the Safford Regional Airport as well as the application of a protective asphalt seal on Runway 12/30. The removal of the taxi way will improve the safety of the airport operations and the seal will prolong the life of the runway. Construction may begin in September and be completed by October. This project is funded at 91.06% by the FAA and 4.47% by ADOT with the balance paid by the City.

Mill & Replace PFC on Runway 8/26

This project is an ADOT Airport Surface Treatment Project, which will remove the top portion of the runway and replace with a porous friction course. The intent of the project is to seal the cracks on the runway and replace the surface that will serve to drain the runway and extend the life. This project is funded by ADOT at 90% with the balance being paid for by the City.