Electric Construction Projects

69kV Powerline Construction

The City of Safford has contracted with Atkinson Power through A.R.S. Formal Bidding Processes to upgrade the existing 1.8 miles of 69kV Powerine that feeds the City of Safford. The original transmission line was constructed in 1961 and is aging and loosing its structural stability. The powerline is being upgraded as such to increase the reliability of the provision of electricity to Safford customers. Safford worked with T&D Services, the electrical engineering firm, to research different products and methods that were not only feasible but would be cost effective would last for many years to come. Using the steel poles instead of wood saved 1/3 of materials and installation costs as the poles are stronger and can be placed farther apart, therefore we replaced the 30 existing wood poles with 20 steel poles and decreased the cost of installation and the cost of the assemblies at the tops of the poles that hold the wire to the poles. The project should be completed by June 30th.